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Welcome to Mutant Communications

Mutant Communications is a dynamic agency with a strong track record in delivering tailored public relations, content marketing and digital campaigns in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the wider region.

We're working closely with brands to ensure their message is heard. Be it media communication, staging amazing events, building industry thought leaders or connecting brands to their digital audiences - we know what works and how to tell compelling stories.

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Government Relations: How Business Can Get It Right

Government policies and regulations are bound to affect your business, no matter what industry you are in. This is why every company should have a

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Why the Sizzle Is (Almost) Always More Convincing than the Steak

There are two types of advertising: the ones that prominently show products, and the ones that tell you a story. Though there is a time and place for

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How to Curate and Create Compelling Content for your Personal LinkedIn Brand

Your personal social media, incomplete without the staple combination of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, is usually thoroughly curated to

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What is Content Localisation and Why Do You Need It?

Content localisation is defined as “the process of making something local in character or restricting it to a particular place.” Usually, localisation

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Bigger isn’t Always Better…When it Comes to Agency Size

Size matters… agency size, that is! When choosing a PR agency for your brand, don’t assume that a big agency will be a better bet.  In

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When People aren’t Sweet on your Sugar: How to Apologise the Right Way

When pictures of “Sugar” dating platform Sugarbook’s billboards in Kuala Lumpur went viral, it garnered lots of media attention… But for all the wrong

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Something’s Not Right: How to Communicate During Troubled Times.

From website malfunctions to a viral post by an irate customer over service gone horribly wrong, or worse, to a government regulation which

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The Truth about Working in a PR Agency – As told by an Intern

Entering an industry I had little to no knowledge about, was incredibly daunting. A sociology graduate, I was fresh out of university and looking to

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How to have a Stronger Personal Brand on LinkedIn

People think of brands in terms of products or companies, forgetting that individuals need branding too. From fresh graduates to C-suite executives,

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Resource Library
Resource Library